Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy International Day of the Girl!

Today, Thursday, October 11th, has been designated as the "International Day of the Girl" by the United Nations. The campaign to establish the day through the United Nations was led in the United States by School Girls Unite, an organization of students and women leaders. Cities all across the country are participating in a Day of the Girl Proclamation Project in honor of the day and to spread awareness about human rights issues such as gender equality and access to universal basic education. 

Meher's story and ongoing journey is a triumph to celebrate on International Day of the Girl- she is now granted access to education that would most likely have been unavailable to her before, and as she gets older and continues to excel in school, her leadership capabilities are becoming more and more apparent. She is an example of how one opportunity can transform a life. Unfortunately, there are still so many children- both boys and girls- who never receive their opportunity.