Thursday, March 19, 2009

Friends in Berlin

The Berlin Metropolitan School in Berlin, Germany, recently completed a school-wide "Math Week." This included a coin drive fundraiser entitled "It Makes Cents!" The children brought coins in everyday and sorted, graphed, and counted them. The money raised went to both a local and an international cause: the school's new library and Meher.

Here are the school's student council representatives taking all the coins to the bank (complete with a police escort!) . The Drama and Music Department also contributed with proceeds from their production of "Little Red Riding Hood."

This is a graph from Ms. Utecht's first grade class. They recorded the different denominations of coins that came in everyday. The children are excited to know that they are helping a little girl far away in India, and the connection is even more real to them as it is through someone many of them are familar with (I worked at the school for two years before moving to New Delhi.)

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  1. This turned out really cute! I wish I could show it to my class, but we don't have the technology as our highly-esteemed IT Coordinator moved to India ;) Good luck with everything!