Monday, March 2, 2009

In the Classroom

Meher attends the creche or nursery program at the Women's Centre. Her teachers, Archana and Rita, are English students of mine. Today they were telling me about Meher in their class: apparently she is very bossy towards the other students, which is no surprise! But they also told me that sometimes they feel this comes out of being defensive and they are so happy about her upcoming operation as she has difficulty using her hands in the same way as other children already and they have not started writing a lot or doing extensive schoolwork. For example, they do exercise class every morning and one of the activities involves clapping your hands together. Meher cannot clap her hands- she can put her hands together, but it does not sound or look like clapping like the other children.
They also showed me the handprints they made with the children (Meher's is in the picture above). They said after Meher made her handprint (she used her less damaged hand, but it did not look the same as the other children's prints) she was looking for her pinky and insisted on painting it on as she felt very bad that her handprint was incomplete as compared to the others.
The surgery date will be set as soon as the results of some preliminary blood tests come back. Everyone is ready and waiting to support Meher and her family as much as possible.

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