Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Check- Ups

Meher went back to the hospital for follow up care on Monday and Tuesday. She had her dressings changed and her left hand re-examined. She is doing fine and healing well and outside of the hospital she is is as active and lively as ever. Understandably, she does not like going back to the hospital, but now she does not need to have her dressings changed again until next week. We expect to start inserting saline into the expanders in about two weeks. Here she is at home at the Women's Centre:

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  1. Nina, thank you so much for letting us participate in Meher's recovery. We are praying for her! It is so good to hear that she is doing well!
    Remember the song "I wish" we recorded at the Kamala Center? Well, Meher is a big part of the music video for "I wish". You can watch it here:

    In the blogpost, I included the link to your blog as well.

    Sabrina verenice