Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pre-Surgery Preparations

Today Meher went to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital for her PAC and to fill out all necessary paper work for her operation tomorrow morning. She arrived at the hospital with Rajesh (a teacher from the Women's Centre who brought her because her parents were unable to come) and was excited to see me and to be in a new place. She was also happy to be wearing a new dress sent for her from America. However, as time went by, she grew impatient and became scared and hesitant in the new surroundings. However, we encouraged her to be patient and explained again why we were all at the hospital. Once everything was finished, she had some ice cream, so hopefully tomorrow she will be more enthusiastic about coming back!
Her operation is scheduled for early tomorrow morning (Thursday, April 2nd). She should be able to go home afterwards.

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