Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chess Tournament Fund-Raiser

On Saturday, February 7th, fund-raisers working with the Barrington, IL Community Schools and Chess GM Yury Shulman organized a chess tournament at Roslyn Elementary School to raise money for Meher. The tournament was a huge success, and we are immensely grateful to all the volunteers and community members who helped and contributed.
Special thanks go to GM Shulman who is the current U.S. Chess Champion, yet still finds the time to support many philanthropy projects, Dr. Kiran Frey who initiated this entire process and motivated everyone to become involved, Mr. Brian Gruber who travel to India and spend many hours preparing a documentary film about this project, Barrington teacher Mrs. Maggie Gruber who will travel to India to meet Meher and help Project Why raise standards of education for children who live in abject poverty, and to Dr. and Mrs. Redfield who traveled from the University of Chicago to personally congratulate the enthusiastic chess students for engaging in such an unique project and make a contribution for Meher. We also need to thank local Barrington businesses: Aleyra Medispa, Bertacchi Builders, Checkmate Chess Supplies and Wool Street Grill, Hough Street School Chess Club, and so many families and children who contributed food and hours of service to make this possible.

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