Monday, February 23, 2009

Visitors and New Friends

Maggie and Brian have returned to the US and are already being missed here at Project Why. I came to work alone this morning as my parents are elsewhere and everyone asked where all the visitors were. At the Women's Centre especially they will be remembered fondly by all the teachers and children. Meher especially misses the interaction, as she enjoyed meeting them and inviting all of us to her house where she proudly showed us her toys and invited us to drink tea with her. Her parents and neighbors were extremely welcoming and even went to the trouble of buying Coca-Cola for us (which is very expensive, but supposedly the right thing to serve to foreigners!)
My father and mother (who are doctors themselves) explained the different surgeries to Meher's family and to many of the Women's Centre staff as everyone will need to work together to support and look after her during the three month process.

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