Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Upcoming Plans

Yesterday, I went to the Women's Centre for my usual Monday English class there. As soon as I arrived Meher came running to greet me and dragged me by the hand to her house to say hello to her mother. She also brought me a toffee and told her mother to make tea for me, although I had to stop her as I needed to go and teach my class. I told her mother that on Friday, my parents and two other visitors from America (Maggie and Brian Gruber) were coming to meet everyone and on Saturday we would all go together to meet with the plastic surgeon and arrange the first surgery. Meher's mother was excited to hear about the visitors and is eager to begin treatment as it will be a long process.
Maggie, Brian, and my parents (my mother, Kiran Frey, has been heading the fund-raising efforts in the U.S.) will be arriving in Delhi on Thursday evening. Brian is going to be filming everything as he wants to document the entire process. I told Meher that she was going to be in a movie and she was very excited, so we decided we would practice her English and just being in front of a camera and make a mini-movie with my digital camera. As soon as I started filming, to everyone's surprise, she suddenly became very shy and quiet. However, she is still as charming as ever and very cute to watch.

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